“Diversity in counsel, unity in command.”

- Cyrus the Great

Eran ud Turan – what’s in a name?

Eran ud Turan is an historical reenactment society with a focus on the history of the Near East, Central Asia and South Asia, spanning classical antiquity to the medieval era.

Eran ud Turan was born in 2013 and finally became a reality in the summer of 2014. It is the brainchild of Nadeem Ahmad and Amir Askari Yahyavi, a pair of historians and academics specialising in ancient Iran, India, and Central Asia who decided to present their research in a somewhat different way.

Since its birth, Eran ud Turan has performed at a number of reenactment events and museum events and brings the worlds of Iran, India, and Central Asia in late antiquity to life.

We are currently the world’s only living history group dedicated to this part of the world and this time period. Our displays mix high academia with the novel and mundane, and help to bridge the gap between the academic specialist historian and many members of public, adults and children, who have never heard of Sasanian Iran, the Sogdians, the Kushanas and Guptas, the Tibetan Empire, and the many other dynasties and cultures that are included under the umbrella of Eran ud Turan.

Understanding the past of the greater Iranian world is key to understanding modern Iranian identity and the many cultural forces that shape Asia even today. Some highlights of our displays include our numismatics collections, ancient alphabets and writing systems, cartography, and of course, the armoury.

To book us for an event, to find out about joining our group, for any questions or comments, or for any reason you would like to get in touch, please do email us using the form below.

Eran ud Turan is a proud member of Anjoman.

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Taken at the St George's Day Festival, Morley, 2016


We take our research and our reconstructions seriously and are happy to share our information with those interested. Click on the King above to see details of some of our select impressions, including details of the equipment and some of the resources we used to reconstruct them.

The Zurkhaneh

The above photograph shows an ancient kettlebell from Gandhara, dated to the 4th – 6th Centuries and currently housed in the National Museum of Oriental Art, in Rome. We at Eran ud Turan take the physical feats of the past seriously, and the reconstruction of a historically accurate working gym, in which Eran ud Turan members practice, is one of our most important projects. Click on the kettlebell to find out more.

King, Court, and Cavalry

The Sasanian court, such as that of Khosrow II (pictured above, at Taq-e-Bostan) influenced Royal culture throughout Asia for centuries to come. Click on the relief above to find out more about our reconstructions of Sasanian and Sogdian court culture and the military.

Film and media

What better way to reach our audience than via the media of film? We are involved in several cinematic recreations of West and Central Asia in Late Antiquity. We work closely with our Anjoman Affiliates to bring the most faithful and visually stunning projects to life. Click on the Sogdian cavalry from Panjakent, 7th – 8th Century (pictured above) to find out more, including how to get involved.

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