This is the land of silk and silver

Hi, I’m Nadeem.

When I was growing up, I loved the stories my dad used to tell me.

Stories of a bygone era. Of kings and generals, of warriors and their battles, of faith and travel.

And so I began to look into it a little more.


What I discovered was so much better.

While the Sogdians were nowhere to be found in those old stories, the Sasanians certainly wore, and I threw myself into researching late antique and early medieval Iran and Central Asia. That is, after all, where my own heritage is.

I wasn’t doing this within a formal, educational institution. I decided to just grab some books, see what interesting papers I could find, and reach out to specialists in the field.

And through a funny roundabout way, I came across the Sogdians and their monumental wall paintings, and it was love at first sight.

I set up Eran ud Turan to help spread the word about these forgotten histories, in the most vivid and stunning way I could – by bringing them back to life. I had always been so disillusioned by history education at school, and I knew there was world outside the British Isles that people needed to be aware of, but simply weren’t being taught about.

We’re a living history group. Bringing the past back to life is a powerful tool for this. As a group, our reproduction costumes and accessories really help drive home the splendours of early medieval Central Asia.

This is the land of silk and silver.


I make the group as inclusive and as easy to join as possible – this sort of history education is much easier with a team! We set up at various events across the UK and have several social meets throughout the year as well. If silks and silver sounds like your sort of thing, get in touch and I’ll help you get set up.

If you believe in my cause of history education, and want to help support the project, please become a Patron via Patreon – there’s also a lot of special perks for Patrons too. Thank you!

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