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The mother project of the Anjoman Network. Iran History Forum is the hub for all online Iranian studies, bringing high academia to ordinary, interested people.


A Voyage to Panjikant is a stunning graphic novel by Anjoman Partner Marguerite Dabaie. Her artwork is truly wonderful and brings the Silk Road to life in an easy to digest and highly accessible format

Friends of Eran ud Turan


Aspects of everyday life and material culture in the Levant and beyond brought to life by Timothy Dawson, PhD

cathay armoury

Cathay Armory, based in Canada and with workshops in China, is dedicated to specialist reconstructions of East Asian armour from the Qin to the Qing dynasty in China and surrounding areas.

amages drachen

Amages Drachen, a German re-enactment group recreating ancient Steppe culture between the Tarim Basin and the Black Sea.


Autonomous Reenactor Collective –¬†Like minded Historical Interpreters spanning periods from Early Britain to WW2. A particular interest in Cavalry, as well as LH and TV/film projects.


Reconstruction of the people and the circumstances in the time between 500 and 300 BC in Classical Greece, the Hellenistic states and the neighbouring cultures.


War Chunni – a German reenactment project recreating the world of the Avars in Late Antiquity with very high accuracy.

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